geotrack explorer NEW

A completely new satellite navigation and parallel driving system with superior performance, providing precision at the level 15 cm from pass-to-pass.

with the ability to achieve centimetre accuracy RTK

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Designed to grow your farming operation

Most needed tool for sowing, plant protection, fertilization and spraying. Updated features of the new system and great opportunities for the growth of your business and cost savings.


Forget about using foam markers and wasting your time. GeoTrack is designed to work with wide-cut implements.


The intuitive menu, comfortable settings. Set the width of implement and click start. From this moment GeoTrack Explorer NEW is ready for work.


It includes all necessary mountings for quick installation. The antenna is mounted with durable magnetic mountings.

Online control

Online synchronization of fields and work with your account in Agroprofile system. Remote control of work from anywhere in the world.


External devices connection: automatic control system for the sprayer, automatic steering and other sensors.


History of field processing within the seasons, as well as planning and execution of work on several devices. Work statistics.

NEW Explorer
Latest technologies

Absolutely new device and software, providing unique opportunities to facilitate the work. An even more technological tool for performing daily field work. The new intuitive menu, greatly facilitating the work with the device. Use GeoMeter's proprietary applications or select from hundreds of thousands of apps on Google Play.

tractor gps, Reliable guidance system geotrack explorer new, parallel guidance system, area measurement, farm management system, agroprofile
Reliable agricultural guidance system geotrack explorer new, parallel guidance system, area measurement, farm management system, agroprofile, tractor gps


GeoTrack Explorer NEW System is based on a durable and protected from dust and moisture display with a diagonal of 7 inches (17.8 cm). It includes strong vibration resistant mountings and docking station for maximum comfort. There are available RS232 connectors for connecting external devices such as auto-steering and a sprayer control module. All information is displayed on an extra bright screen, and it is perfectly readable even on a bright sunny day. High screen resolution guarantees the visibility of a clearer picture. Night mode is provided.

New Explorer
Your assistant

Open the enormous potential with the opportunities of the online platform GeoTrack Explorer NEW is your personalised device. Log in using the personal account at system, and get secure access to your fields and work plans for the seasons. Plan your work and monitor their progress on any of your devices. Assign work steps and watch its performance online. Automatic synchronisation in the presence of an available Internet network via Wi-Fi or a mobile network. GeoTrack Explorer NEW is the first device in the world with similar functionality.

Reliable agricultural guidance system geotrack explorer new, tractor gps, parallel guidance system, area measurement, farm management system, agroprofile
Reliable agricultural guidance system geotrack explorer new, tractor gps, parallel guidance system, area measurement, farm management system, agroprofile

Best decision
Bargain price

GeoTrack Explorer NEW is the best value for money. Benefits of its usage:

  • Accurate field area measurement
  • 5 modes of parallel driving
  • Synchronization of fields and works
  • Displaying works on the map
  • Online monitoring from the office
  • Performance of works in offline mode (without Internet)

What accuracy do you need?

The accuracy of the entire system depends on the chosen receiver of satellite signals and its technology. Accuracy plays a crucial role in parallel driving systems.

High accuracy
Novatel GLIDE

GLIDE technology provides superior accuracy for use with agricultural machinery where relative positioning is critical. The system can operate without a base station and a subscription fee. Reception of correction signal EGNOS, WAAS, MSAS. Upgradeable for reception of GLONASS (DGNSS) signal. The accuracy of parallel driving from pass to pass at the level of 15-20 cm.

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Geotrack Explorer New, parallel driving system, navigation guide system, tractor gps, GPS area calculation, GlIDE
geotrack explorer new, parallel driving system, tractor gps, navigation guide system, gps area calculation

Basic accuracy
Economical solution

Low-cost solution for field operations, which do not require high accuracy, but only their registration. The standard equipment of the GeoTrek Explorer NEW system includes the patch antenna of GPS signals. It is an inexpensive solution with the necessary accuracy. The system operates without a base station and subscription fee. Reception of correction signal EGNOS, WAAS, MSAS. The accuracy of the parallel driving system from pass to pass at the level of +/- 50 cm. Accuracy depends on many external factors and can be unstable. However, you can always connect any external high-precision receiver using Bluetooth to increase basic accuracy.

Best accuracy
RTK technology

Centimetre accuracy is provided by RTK technology for precision farming systems, where absolute positioning is crucial. The system can work with a base station or receive paid corrections from CORS networks. Also, the system can transmit and receive corrections using UHF radio (paid option). Standard accuracy without corrections for parallel driving is 20 cm. Simultaneous signal reception from satellite systems GPS, GLONASS, COMPASS/BeiDou. Please note that we can provide RTK L1 receiver as well as RTK L1/L2 receiver. You should know difference between these technologies before purchasing, or contact us for assistance.

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Parallel driving system Geotrack Explorer New with a high-precision antenna with GLIDE technology, tractor gps


High accuracy parallel driving


Durable and secure display, vibration-proof holder and antenna


The intuitive menu provides the easy start of the work


Quick installation or reinstallation on the vehicles


Improving the quality of work and additional advantages


High-quality and low-cost system of parallel driving for the farming operation


This product is in stock. Shipping is done by local transport companies. Depending on your region, delivery takes from 1 to 5 days. For more precise terms, please contact us. You will need not more than 15 minutes to install and start the system.